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I feel a bit like a dog with its tail between its legs right now. I’ve done something I vowed never to do. I’ve gone and signed back up to Facebook.

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I don’t have anything against Facebook. I understand why people like it. Hell, I used to love it! But when I realised how much time I was wasting checking my newsfeed over and over like a mad woman, and worse, that Facebook was making me anxious, I knew it was time to call it quits. I deactivated my account, and I didn’t look back. I was free!

So why, after a year of Facebook-free life, have I decided to return? Honestly, it’s because I’m missing out. There are hundreds of networking groups on Facebook for bloggers and vloggers, which I have been unable to access. There are millions of people who wouldn’t bother to subscribe to a blog or a YouTube channel, but who would quite happily Like a page and then read (or watch) every post that pops up in their newsfeed. And then there are the awkward moments where I’m approached by other creative types who want to collaborate with me, who say, “Can we have this conversation over on Facebook?” Argh! Some days I feel like the universe has been conspiring against me.

My plan was to ease myself back onto The Book slowly. I reactivated my personal account and deleted almost everyone off my friends list. I figured I’d be less likely to suffer (virtual) social anxiety that way. Then I quietly began re-working my old Facebook page. Over 100 people had signed up to it as fans back when I was blogging on blogspot, and I figured they’d probably (hopefully!) still be interested in my posts. Facebook told me my page was still offline, and that no one would see anything until I publicised it… But I changed my page’s profile picture and next thing I knew someone had liked and commented on it! Damn! I then had to throw together a spiel about why I was back, and it all felt too rushed, and now I’m writing this blog post, which also feels rushed, and my heart is beating harder than it should be. Why am I even nervous?!

Anyway, that’s that. I’m back on Facebook for purely selfish reasons. But maybe you’d like to connect with me there anyway? I’m really very friendly. Promise.

– Fern xxx

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