Searching for Balance

This morning, while trying to decide what to blog about, I started feeling guilty for sharing the not-so-nice side of my life as a full-time mother. I’ve had friends withdraw from me for being “too negative” in the past (yeah, depression will do that to you), so I’m well aware that many people would rather not hear about the bad stuff. I suppose that’s why most family lifestyle bloggers focus on the good bits; I wonder if that’s why some of my posts end up being ignored…

I feel a bit angry, actually, that I’m feeling bad for being true to myself. I keep thinking that I should be allowed to share my stories honestly, without worrying about whether my readers find them uplifting or not. But the truth is that I want people to return to my blog, and I want them to leave me comments, and if I keep going on about the negatives then that’s just not going to happen. Something’s got to give.

So, while walking home from the school run, my boys in tow, I made an effort to focus on the good. The sun was out and the children were content. Mr. Three was holding my hand. A truckie tooted his horn when he saw us pointing at his load. That small gesture, coupled with my son’s delighted laughter, lifted my spirits. My heart felt full and I felt happy. That is how motherhood can be.

But then we got home and reality hit. The laundry pile is overflowing, there are dishes all over the bench, and the carpets need to be vacuumed. Again. I could get those jobs taken care of today, but I’ll have to do them all over again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. And so it will continue. Indefinitely. That is how motherhood is.

Right now the baby is asleep and Mr. Three is watching Thomas. That is good. I am at my computer. That is also good. But I am still surrounded by mess and it is bothering me, distracting me, making it difficult to concentrate on my writing. My mind keeps taking me to dark places. Why am I pouring so much energy into this blog? Why am I bothering with YouTube? Where are these projects actually going to take me? I listed them both in the CV I created for a job application last week, and I was rejected almost straight away. No reason was given (Thanks, but no thanks!), so I’ve been filling in the blanks myself. Any idiot can start a YouTube channel. A million parents write Mummy Blogs. It doesn’t matter that I’m working hard on it, because it’s not original. It’s not clever. It’s not a job. I feel like I’m wasting my time.

Next week I will be taking a break from posting and uploading. I need a moment to reflect on the choices I’ve been making. I need to figure out how I can bring more balance into my life. I need to know whether or not it’s possible to keep the house clean and the kids happy while pursuing my own interests. Right now I’m finding I don’t have enough time in the day, and I’m constantly playing catch up. I keep telling myself I’m working, but is this work? Or is it just a narcissistic hobby? Hopefully, by taking a step back, I’ll be able to figure it all out. I might even return with some more positive stories to share…

– Fern xxx



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  1. Alex says: Reply

    I read all your blogs, and watch all your vlogs. I feel like we have very similar personalities and sense of humour. When you whinge, it makes me feel like I’m not the only moan-arse in this village.
    Hope you’ll be back soon!

    1. fernp says: Reply

      Haha, oh this made me laugh. “When you whinge…” Classic!
      I’ll definitely be back, just need to figure out whether or not dedicating every spare minute to blogging and vlogging is sustainable and/or beneficial in the long run. I really enjoy it, but feel like maybe I need to focus a bit more on other areas of my life.

  2. themotherhubblog says: Reply

    I would urge you to keep going with something that is ‘yours’ – if somethings gotta give , let it be the housework.

    1. fernp says: Reply

      Oh I’m definitely not stopping forever! Just taking a step back for a week so I can focus on other things (like launching my Jamberry business, which is also something just for me), and so I can figure out whether or not three videos + two blog posts a week is sustainable. Blogging and vlogging take up a lot more time than I’d anticipated. I think it’s important to edit and polish as much as possible, and of course I share it all on social media, take part in linkys etc, and that’s all on top of the hours spent writing and filming. If only I didn’t need to sleep…

  3. Karen says: Reply

    I’ve struggled with the same feelings – is it just a waste of time? Am I really making a difference? I really appreciate your honesty.

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