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I join in with #Vlogstars every month. Hosts Aby and Amy set a theme, or a list of questions, and vloggers from all over the world film and upload videos in response. This month we were asked to share 10 things that define us as people. Wow. Tough. What are the things that make me me?

I watched a few videos before I made my own, but I didn’t feel right just listing the objects I use the most, or the things I enjoy doing like other participants did. I feel like I’ve shared all that sort of thing before anyway. And surely the person I have become is actually a culmination of all the things I have ever done. I mean, that’s kind of how life works, right? I can’t be the only person who regularly thinks, Oh my god, every moment of my entire life has lead me to where I am right at this very second. Can I?

I took the liberty of tackling this month’s theme in my own way, because being different is good. At least, that’s what I tell my kids. I talked a lot, so ended up splitting my 10 “things” into two videos. I hope you enjoy them!


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Another thing that makes me me is my desire to make the world a better place by helping other people out. In this spirit, I am hosting a fundraising event over on Facebook this weekend, and it’d be great if I could get as much support as possible. I will be running an online Jamberry party, with 20% of the purchase price of every order made going to a young girl who was born profoundly deaf, and is in need of a cochlear implant.
If you don’t have plans for this Saturday evening at 8pm (NZ time), I would love to have you participating in this special event.
Jurnee’s Jammin’ Online Fundraiser

– Fern xxx

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