Oh, how I loved the 90s

I was born in 1983, so technically I’m an 80s kid. Technically. In reality, however, I have a much stronger love for (and memory of) the 90s. Boy bands. Girl bands. Furbys and Tamagotchis. I can’t help but think back to that decade with a great fondness…

It was with genuine pleasure that I took part in #vlogstars this month (hosted once again by Aby and Amy, thanks ladies!), for which we all completed The 90s Tag. I was really happy with all the memories I was able to share in my video, though I did stuff one question up: Dress For Less was definitely my favourite clothing store back then! I must thank my sister for reminding me of that.

If you’d like to take part in #vlogstars you are most welcome to join in. I’ve listed the questions down below.

– Fern xxx

The 90s Tag Questions:

1. Favourite Disney film?

2. NSYNC or Backstreet Boys

3. Favourite music artist?

4. Favourite candy/sweet?

5. Weirdest fashion trend?

6. Favourite game console & game?

7. What would you watch after school?

8. Favourite book?

9. Favourite clothing store?

10. Best 90s memory?

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