Sorting Sh*t Out – Day 58

Another Office Shelf

Unless you’re new here, you will know that I film videos of myself and put them on the internet so people who don’t actually know me can watch me talk about things like food, and children, and shopping at Kmart. Recently I decided I needed my own proper filming area, with my own proper filming background. So I kicked the husband out of his office, made it my office, and turned two of the husband’s my book shelves into look shelves (ooh, punny).

Because I’m not as original as I’d like to imagine, I went and bought a lightbox (from Kmart) to set my vlogging scene. And then I bought extra lightbox characters (from Kmart), because there’s nothing more annoying than trying to spell out a phrase and discovering you’re one letter short. And then I sorted all the lightbox characters into alphabetical and numerical order, which was awesome until I messed it all up about a week later. And yes, of course, I never bothered to organise my characters again. Well, until today that is…

Here was the shelf:

At first glance…
What’s really behind the lightbox…

And here is the shelf:

At first glance…
All tidy behind the lightbox…

I’m looking forward to not spending 15 minutes finding all the letters I need the next time I sit down to film a video…

– Fern xxx

What sort of videos do I film in front of this light box? Well, here are a few examples:




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