Sorting Sh*t Out – Day 79

The Dress Ups Box

One of the biggest issues I face as a mum is fighting the urge to buy my kids stuff because I would have loved it when I was a kid. For example, I loved to dress up. I dressed up all the time. And I always wished we had more dress ups, better dress ups, princess and fairy and ballerina outfits sorta dress ups. And so…


This is my kids’ dress up box. We keep it under Grubby Girl’s bed. It is always overflowing because they are always getting more dress ups. It’s not really a bad thing, because they do love to dress up, and they do choose to dress up on a regular basis.


But it is really a bad thing because there’s just too much. A lot of it is ripped. And many of the items stuffed into this plastic box are never actually worn. They just get tipped out onto the floor, and then stuffed back into the box again when I yell at the kids to pick all their sh*t up. It’s stupid.

The baby, who is actually pretty much a toddler now, was my sh*t sorting assistant today. He was very cute (and annoying). He enjoyed picking through the dress ups with me, and trying on all the things he found. I could tell he wanted me to keep all the things, but common sense told me we didn’t need to keep all the things. So I got rid of a lot of (but not all of) the things. That’s just what I do now.


Turns out the dress ups box slides under Grubby Girl’s bed very easily when it’s not overflowing. Amazing.


– Fern xxx

Wanna see how cute my kids look when they get dressed up? Watch this vlog. They are featured in all their dressed up glory. It’s v. cute, if I do say so myself…

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