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If you’re confused right now, it’s okay. I understand. You’ve probably just forgotten that I have the ability to blog about things that are not sh*t sorting. It’s been over 80 solid days of sh*t posts, so believing I live to sort sh*t is quite understandable. But really there is a lot more to me than just tidying things up and then writing about it. Like #VlogStars, for instance. It’s a monthly linky. And I always take part (even if I do forget to actually link up).

So #VlogStars is hosted by Aby and Amy, and it’s kind of fun. I mean, sometimes the questions are a little lame, but don’t blame them. They just steal the tags off other people’s YouTube videos… This month we all answered 16 random questions:


And last month we talked about our dream dinner party (that’s the one I forgot to link, sorry Aby and Amy. I’m the worst):


If you do the whole content creating kinda thing too, you should definitely join in. Next month we’re all uploading “The Christmas Tag”, and honestly I’m so excited about it that I’ve actually already filmed mine. While wearing a Santa onesie. Christmas 4 lyf, yo.

– Fern xxx

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  1. Mackenzie Glanville says: Reply

    oh how sweet is your little one! Money to buy whatever we wanted would be pretty awesome I agree. It is so hard to pick a fav film etc isn’t it there are so many #Vlogstars

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