Sorting Sh*t Out – Days 92 and 93

Sh*t I Purchased Recently

I didn’t write my blog post yesterday. So sue me. It’s just that ever since daylight savings kicked in our evenings have been getting away on us, and that means that sometimes (most times) I don’t even start thinking about sorting my sh*t out until it’s already Very Late. And another thing that happens is that sh*t sorting ends up taking a lot longer than I tell myself it will take. And also I promised the husband I would spend some actual real time with him last night. So basically everything was working against me, and I went to bed without blogging. No ragrets.

It’s funny though, because I was kind of planning to start this post off by saying that Day 92 and Day 93 were very, very different. But then I realised they were very, very similar, because what happened is that I bought all these things and then I just put them down and forgot about them. So while the actual work was quite different, the origins were the same. All the shopping, all the time. This is how I choose to live my life.

So yesterday. I decided I’d better sort through all the things I’d bought from Kmart, because they had taken over my wardrobe.


It took forever and I got grumpy. But it’s done now.


Oh but wait, there was otherΒ sh*t I’d bought from other shops all over the bed too…


And that is why it took me so long to get it all sorted.


Today I moved onto less exciting purchases: Bug control systems.


Will they work? Probably bloody not, but they were on special at the supermarket and so I thought, Why the hell not?

Ordinarily a good response to that thought would have been, Because you’ll never get around to taking them out of the boxes, woman. But let’s face it, that woman is gone. And in her place is me. Fern. Sh*t sorter extraodinaire.




I even set up the outdoor one that I’d told the husband he had to do. I’m amazing like that.

– Fern xxx

In case you’re interested, in this video I show off almost all the things I bought at Kmart.Β 

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