Sorting Sh*t Out – Days 94 and 95

I feel bad. I didn’t blog on Day 94. I didn’t blog on Day 95. And now it’s Day 96 and I’m almost thinking that I may as well just give up.



The truth is that there’s only so much sh*t sorting a person can do, especially if that person is attempting to solely sort physical sh*t in their actual home. I mean, yes, there are still plenty of things I could be tidying up; there are many more fences that could be waterblasted, and gardens that could be tamed, and cupboards that could be re-sorted. But the other half of the truth is that I feel like there’s no point doing the same things over and over, because how am I supposed to blog about that? And if I’m not blogging about it, then why bother? Why?

The thing is, though, that I actually have been sorting some very important sh*t out. And when I first thought up this whole 100 Days Project idea my plan was to sort all sorts of things: to plan, to write lists, to organise myself. So it’s really kind of dumb that I’ve been choosing not to blog because I’ve deemed my efforts to be not sh*t sorty enough. I have been so sh*t sorty!

Okay, what did you sort then? I hear you thinking. But you shouldn’t be thinking that, because the answer is obvious. Just look around! I have an entirely new website. An entirely new blog. And maybe for some of you that’s not that impressive, but for me, a person who tunes out anytime she has to read instructions, it is impressive. I worked hard. I bought a new domain name. I figured out how to install WordPress. I even managed to import all my posts from over to, when I actually didn’t even know that was possible. So much sh*t has been sorted! So much progress has been made! I am actually a little bit clever sometimes (I mean, I’m not really, because I had to live chat support three times in the space of two hours, but I got there in the end).

So this is me being okay with myself and my choices and my work. This is me proudly sharing with you that I chose not to sort any of the sh*t around my home in favour of focusing on achieveing something I’ve been wanting to achieve for a very, very long time. I am happy about that. I am happy about life. My life. The Fern Life. It’s just so goddamn satisfying these days…

– Fern xxx


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