Sorting Sh*t Out – Days 96 and 97

I’m cramming two days into one blog post again, because the project is almost over so I’ve kind of mentally checked out already. You’d probably do the same, if you were me. In fact, you would do the same if you were me. Because I am me and that is what I’m doing. And if you were me then you would be me, you know? Yeah. It makes sense.

So anyway, I have done more than two things, actually. It’s just that I didn’t take photos of the vege gardens that I weeded, or the vege bin I cleaned out. Plus those jobs felt kind of nothingish to me. You know, because I’m all on top of things these days. But let’s just get on with this, yeah?

Okay. First thing. I went to the post office.


I’d just like to say that I hate going to the post office. But I did it. I got sh*t sorted and I did it. I posted a Super Special Secret Santa gift (eek!) and I posted an Incredibly Important Items package. The important items came from my secret gift cupboard, the cupboard I sorted earlier in this project.Β The important items are being donated to some important people who are having a tough time in life, and who need some help to have a Happy Christmas. I really like helping people to have a Happy Christmas.


Now there’s a bit more space in my bedroom. So that’s good too.

Also good is that I got stuck into the Biggest Kid’s photo album again.


There were a lot of photos left to sort through. And there was no glue stick. So I just pulled out the double sided tape, and I put Jingle All The Way on the TV, and I got stuck in.

It took forever (i.e. the entire duration of a PG-rated Christmas movie), but now that sh*t has been officially sorted too.


Only a couple of days left now…

– Fern xxx

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