Sorting Sh*t Out – Day 99

It’s Day 99. It’s Day 99! I am so happy about this. I am so excited for this project to be finished. I mean, I am a little bit nervous that our house is going to slowly return to its old sh*tty state, but for the most part I’m all, Yessss.

It’s going to feel good to be done.

It doesn’t feel good to not be seeing out the last couple of days with something really impressive. But I dunno, I just can’t think of anything really big to sort. So today I settled for Mr. Three’s Thomas book collection.


I took a blurry photo. That’s embarrassing. But you can kind of see the sh*tty situation. The books were messy and some were ripped and also there were toys in the book drawer that shouldn’t have been in the book drawer.


So I put away the toys, and I sellotaped up the books, and I organised Mr. Three’s collection into neat little piles. Paperbacks went in the Thomas case. Hardcovers went in the front right-hand corner. Library books got tucked in at the back. Did I need to explain that? Probably not…

I’ll try and do something spectacular tomorrow.

– Fern xxx

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