Sorting Sh*t Out – DAY 100!!!!!

It’s here! I did it! I sorted my sh*tty way right through to Day 100. Sure, I slacked off. Sure, I played the catch up game at times, but here I am. I made it. I am a sh*t sorter extraodinaire. I deserve a medal.

No, really. I do. Because today, for my last ever day, I tackled this:




The garage.

Now I know what you’re thinking.
Lady, you already sorted the garage.
And that is true. You are correct. But the thing is I then continued to sort sh*t inside my home, which means that I found more things we didn’t need to keep. Which means I moved them to the garge. Which means – yeah, you know what that means. It means welcome to my Day 100.

Because I want you to tell me I’m good, I’m going to tell you all the things I did:
1. I turned the van around and rearranged all the carseats and made enough space to fit in all our unwanted sh*t as well as two small children.
2. I loaded all the unwanted sh*t as well as two small children into the van.
3. I drove to not one, but two different charity shops, because the first one was run by complete weirdos who didn’t want any second-hand clothing.
4. I swept out the garage.
5. I rearranged the garage.
6. I took photos of all the items I’ve been saying I need to list on Trademe.
7. I actually listed the items on Trademe.
8. I did other things too but I can’t really remember what, but I didn’t want to stop this list at number seven, because that just felt weird.
9. Did I mention I did all this while two small children were in my care?
10. I did all this while two small children were in my care.




All in all it was a pretty big day. In fact, this has been a pretty big project. And even though I was the one who did all the hard sh*tty work, I want to thank you, the person reading this, for being a person who actually bothers to read my sh*t. I appreciate that, I really do.

So what now for Fern? And what have I learned? Well, let’s start with the first question…

For now I am moving on to daily vlogging. Not forever, not long-term (I understand that I’m not actually a famous YouTuber, you see), but for the month of December, or until Christmas at least, I’m going to pump out a new video every day at 8:30pm. This video here is Day One:

As for what I’ve learned – I don’t even know where to start… I honestly feel like this project has changed me.

I look at things now and I see them for what they are: Things. Objects. Items.

I look at mess now and I recognise how it makes me feel: Stressed. Irritated. Overwhelmed.

I look at the time now and I realise I have it in abundance: You can achieve a lot in a day. A morning. An hour.

I look at myself and I know who I am. I know what I can do. I know what I will do. I can challenge myself, extend myself, improve myself. I can. I do. I am. I will.

I dunno. Maybe I got a little carried away there… I’m sure I had some actual concrete lessons to share with you. Ah well. Screw it. It’s Day 100 and I am done.

My sh*t has been sorted. F*ck yeah.

– Fern xxx



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  1. OMG what a transformation! I really need to sort my s**t out too! Thanks for the kick up the bum and for linking up to #thelist

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