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Every Friday my friend Lisa of Lisasaurus, writes a Friday Favourites post. Some weeks there’s only one favourite. Some weeks there’s a full on list. And though I often link up to the Friday Favourites party, I have yet to bother writing an actual Friday Favourites post of my own. 

This evening I decided I needed to share some favourites with you. The truth is that I’ve had a sad couple of months; I lost my grandad right at the end of September, and just this week I lost my grandma too. Grandma and Grandad were some of my all-time favourite people. They were smart and kind and caring. They were loyal and honest and hard-working. They were delightful and devoted and dedicated. And so, in honour of them, here are A Few Of My Favourite Things…


I was one of those weirdos who spent years telling themselves that family is the worst. Thank the universe I got over that, because family is the best. The best. When I had to head away for Grandad’s funeral I remember feeling sick, because I just knew it was going to be awful. But it actually wasn’t awful at all. It was wonderful. It was an opportunity to get together with family and to really be with them. To talk and laugh and share. I felt so uplifted when I got home from Grandad’s funeral. I felt so accepted. And when I heard that Grandma had passed I found it so much easier to process my feelings, because I knew that I would get to be with my family again. I am grateful for my people.


December is by far my most favourite month of the year. I love that end of year rush. I love the warmer weather. And I love all things Christmas. Every December I push myself to the extreme, working harder than I do any other month of the year. I do more with my kids. I make more with my hands. I create more, write more, film more… And I eat and drink and, ultimately, weigh a lot more too. In December I am Fern and Mum, I am blogger and vlogger, I am Sinterklaas and Santa Claus. And this year I’m three magical elves too. I’m having so much fun I could explode.

I joined in with #Vlogstars again this month, to answer a whole bunch of Christmassy questions, some of which are Favourites related. I was very excited when I filmed it, so my energy levels were at an all time high.
Yes, I really am that enthusiastic about Christmas.


I’m all about that pizza life. We eat pizza once a week. At least. I often make them myself (using supermarket-bought bases, because it’s just so much easier), but I’m also a Big Fan of ordering pizza online and getting it delivered to our door. I boycott Dominos these days (it’s a long story), so usually we go for Pizza Hut. It’s just so cheap, you see. This evening, however, I decided to pretend like we were rich and I ordered Hell. Hell yeah, Hell is the sh*t. I ordered myself a double cursed pizza, and a side of corn nuggets and it was everything I’ve ever dreamed of. I ate it while watching Christmas movies, which is, funnily enough, one of my favourite things to do at this time of year. I am very full now. Very.


I can’t even be bothered writing a paragraph about Netflix because there is no way I need to explain this one to you, right? It’s Netflix. The really easy, really affordable, really legal way to watch all the things you could ever feel like watching. And anything you see that you think you might possibly, maybe, someday feel like watching can just be added to your own personal I Might Watch That Later list. My list is mostly comprised of Christmas movies, and documentaries, and films so dark that you think about them all day every day for at least two weeks after the movie ends. It’s pretty awesome.

– Fern xxx

A big thanks to Lisasaurus and Happy Mum Happy Child for hosting Friday Favourites.
Thanks also go to You Baby Me Mummy and Amy Treasure for hosting #Vlogstars.
I love linking up with you all! 

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