About Me

If I were a pizza topping, I’d be pineapple.

If I were a potato chip, I’d be salt and vinegar flavoured.

And if I were a plant, I’d have to be a fern…

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m Fern; a blogger, vlogger and mother of four. I’ve never left New Zealand, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t lived. In fact, I reckon I’ve experienced more in my 33 years on earth than many others would in a lifetime…

I’m just happy that I finally feel like I’m at home.

I’m all about the simple life: Quality time with my family, shopping for bargains, planning holidays and celebrations, and trying to be healthy.

I love Kmart, Christmas, and coffee. I create content because I can.

I may not have chosen The Fern Life, but I’m glad The Fern Life chose me…

Getting ready to film yet another Kmart haul.
My kids and me, ready to celebrate Halloween.
My kids and me, ready to celebrate Halloween.










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I answer some FAQ in this Q&A video. Check it out!