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    If you’ve followed me for more than two minutes, you’ll know that Christmas is a very Big Thing for me. As soon as November hits, I start thinking about, and shopping for, Christmas. For the sake of my husband, I don’t start decorating until December 1st, but believe me, my brain is already all Christmas, all the time (which makes it very difficult to concentrate on anything).

    This year my brain has got a bit of a reindeer theme going on. I’ve ordered some matching reindeer PJs for the kids and myself:

    NB. I stole this picture from Ali Express. We are not actually this cute.

    And I’m planning to transform our car into a reindeer for our local Christmas parade:

    Okay, so this isn’t my photo either. Surprise! It was actually taken in Serbia. Also, in case you’re wondering, I am not planning on covering my car in anything remotely furry.

    So it made sense, at least to me, that I should include this whole reindeer motif in the kids’ advent calendar this Christmas too.

    Last year my three biggest kids (i.e. the children who might actually remember the effort their mother put into making their December totally awesome) each had their own advent calendars, DIY’d by yours truly.

    This is what I made my son. So much time, so much effort, so much money.

    This year I thought, Nah f**k that, and promptly decided I’d do one shared calendar. I considered doing the Socks on a Line thing I put together in 2015:

    This idea is so simple and cost effective that I’d actually recommend it to others.

    But then someone shared with me their idea of wrapping books – some old, some new – and letting their children unwrap one each day from December 1st until Christmas. Genius, right?!

    As my kids already own a whole bunch of Christmassy books and DVDs (yeah, I’ve decided to throw some screen time in for good measure), and because the Lucky Book Club catalogue is full of cheapo holiday stories right now, this has turned out to be a fairly inexpensive way to celebrate the countdown to Christmas. And, because we actually have fresh ink in our printer for a change, I figured I’d just search out some free reindeer-themed (gotta be reindeer themed) advent numbers. Well.

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any reindeer advent calendar number printables.

    Fortunately, I have the ability to make things myself.

    Ta da!

    Now this is something for which I can actually take the credit. Well done, me! 

    Truth be told, it took bloody forever to make these labels, and by the time I’d reached Day Eight I was ready to call it quits. But, as I’d already invested so much time, I persevered. And because I persevered, I decided I may as well take the extra time to add 24 Santa hats to 24 tiny reindeer faces just because finally reaching Day 24 is pretty much the best feeling in the world. Did you even notice I did that? Did ya?

    Because I don’t want anyone else out there to waste as much time as I did making ridiculous Christmas labels, I figured I’d share the love by sharing the PDF. Yep. For nothing, nothing at all, you can get your mitts on my hard work, and pass it off as your own. Go on! It’s free! You can download it right here.

    I feel like a real blogger would’ve already put together their advent calendar, perfectly photographing every step they took so they could inspire others with their brilliance. But I think we all know I’m not a real blogger. I designed the printables, and I printed the printables, but the actual advent calendar is not likely to exist for quite a few days yet. Most likely I’ll forget to even update my blog to show you how it turns out. Your best bet, if you’re interested, is just to ahead and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Vlogging seems to take less effort than blogging, and less effort makes me happy.

    – Fern xxx

    Download your free reindeer themed advent calendar numbers printable!
    (And then let me know what you do with them)



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  • Easy DIY Advent Calendar Ideas

    I like to pretend that I am really good at arts and crafts, but the truth is I’m really not. I’m not particularly patient, and I very rarely manage to get anything I make to end up looking like the creation I had envisioned. But, because I love Christmas so much, I usually end up giving crafty things a go at this time of year. It doesn’t always end well, but when it comes to advent calendars, it does. It really, really does.

    Last year I left the whole advent calendar thing until kind of the last minute. That meant I needed to come up with an idea that was super quick, super easy, and super shareable, because who wants to make three different advent calendars only a couple of days out from December 1st?

    In the end I decided I’d give the old Socks on a String idea a go. I’m pretty sure I spotted it on Pinterest originally. But I made it my own…

    The video quality isn’t the best, after all I’d only just started YouTubing and I was filming everything on my very crappy iPhone. But hey, the content is still acceptable. I think…

    The kids loved it. I loved it. Everyone was happy. And we probably would have been happy with the exact same sort of advent calendar again this year. But…

    I had this amazing idea after spotting a Christmas wreath inspired advent calendar on Pinterest.
    What if, I thought, I make a train-themed Christmas wreath inspired advent calendar, using Mr. Three’s Thomas tracks joined together in a circle?

    For some reason I am the sort of person who can’t think about anything else after she gets an idea like that. The next thing I knew I was obsessing over Thomas the Tank Engine wrapping paper, and phoning pretty much every shop in town to ask whether or not they stocked it. They all said no, but (to cut a long story short) Kmart was lying. So I bought Thomas the Tank Engine wrapping paper (from Kmart). And then, after a bit of trial and error, I put together a truly impressive advent calendar, using old cardboard rolls, paper, string, and a couple of corkboards. Genius!

    It’s not the shortest tutorial video ever, but it’s easy to follow and you’re encouraged to do things your way. It’s kind of fun, I reckon.

    So then I had an enormous DIY advent calendar for one of my four children, and nothing for the other three. Hmm. Well, the baby isn’t even quite one and a half yet, so I’ll just cross him off the advent list for this year. But the older two? Miss Eight and Miss Six? Yeah there’s no way in hell I could get away with not making them an advent calendar each. So I went back to Pinterest, and I pinned a few bits and pieces, and then I came up with a plan.

    For Miss Eight I created a Shopkins advent Christmas tree. It was so easy! I bought a tree for $5 (guess where I got it from), and then, after hiding a wee Shopkins surprise inside each one, I wrapped 24 cardboard rolls in pink paper with white spots, carefully taping a loop of string to the roll first. After whacking a number on the front of each parcel, I hung them on the tree. And then, because I am clever, I wrapped an extra roll in the same paper, and taped a Shopkins sign to it. Ta da! Done!



    So that left one child needing an advent calendar. I just had to come up with one more idea…

    Turns out I had an old, square frame just hanging out in the garage. I’d been planning on donating it, but the glass broke under the weight of all the other donations so I’d been forced to bring it back home from the charity shop with me. At the time I was annoyed, but suddenly the smashed glass was practically the best thing that had ever happened to me.

    I took the frame and filled it with a piece of thick, gift wrapped cardboard. Then I took 24 more cardboard rolls (smaller ones this time), wrapped them in the paper too, and hot-glued them to the board. After tucking more Shopkins surprises inside, I glued square sheets of wrapping paper to the top of the rolls, and popped a loom band over each one to hold the paper down, like a cute little jar of jam. Once they were all numbered, and I’d added some themesy fun to the frame, my masterpiece was complete.




    Miss Six reckons it looks like an advent calendar you could buy at a shop. High praise, indeed!

    So the moral of this story is that even if you are handicraftily challenged, you too can make your own advent calendar that actually looks kinda, sorta coolish. You too can post photos of your creations on Instagram and have your friends leave you comments that include the hashtag winningatparenting. You too can live The Fern Life.

    It’s really fun, I promise*.

    – Fern xxx

    *I can’t actually promise that, because to be honest I didn’t have that much fun making these advent calendars. But it was fun enough. And also it gave me an excuse to think about Christmas even more than I already have been. So you know, we all win in the end.

    Let me know if you want more detailed instructions for how to make either (or both) of the Shopkins themed advent calendars!