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    I got catcalled the other day.

    Striding down the street in the centre of town, my not-quite-two-year-old on my left hip, my imitation leather handbag slapping against my right. I was on my way to meet a friend. She’s shaved all her hair off too.

    Nice hair!

    It is nice hair. But that’s not what they meant. Two boys, pretending to be men. Yelling at a woman because she doesn’t look the way they want women to look.


    It’s funny that I wrote that out, because I can honestly say I didn’t care in the slightest that they yelled at me. In fact, there’s something quite comical about it all… I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but I think it’s mainly the thought that some young guy felt the need to comment on a 33-year-old mother’s appearance. Or maybe it’s just that there are men in their twenties who still enjoy yelling at people out their car window. Or maybe I have a terrible sense of humour. Who knows?

    I like having a shaved head. I like the way it looks and I like the way it feels. I feel more confident, more beautiful, more me. I feel like I’ve trampled all over pretty and left it behind me for good. I’m not some delicate little flower, I’m a freaking fern. Shade or sun, wind or rain, I’m gonna keep on growing.

    I mentioned in my last blog post that 2017 hasn’t been kind to me, and that in turn I haven’t been kind to me. But I feel like things are turning around. I mean, it’s only April. I’ve still got plenty of time to make this year my year. I’m ready to give it my all.

    Just before I shaved my head a friend got in touch with me to share a quote from Coco Chanel (of all people!)

    A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.

    Normally I’d snort at that – both the sentiment and the speaker – but it’s true. It’s bloody true. I shaved off my hair and I found myself. I found strength, resilience, and hope. Wherever you are, and whatever you do, I hope you can find the same.

    – Fern xxx


    Just in case you missed them, these are the head shaving videos that you totally gotta see.
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  • Busy Busy Busy

    I’m busy. I’m just so busy. It’s my go to excuse for pretty much everything. I haven’t made contact with a friend for months? Sorry, I’ve been really busy lately. My house is an absolute tip when someone drops in unexpectedly? Excuse the mess, the kids are keeping me super busy. I make no progress towards my goals? It’s just so hard to find the time to work on anything extra because I’m very busy raising four children and running a house

    It’s a load of crap.

    Yes, my life is full. Yes, I do keep myself relatively busy. But I also spend waste a lot of time playing on my phone, watching YouTube videos, and mucking about on social media. When I hear my phone ding do I think to myself, I’m far too busy to check that message right now? Nope. I check it. And I reply. And then I spend 15 minutes texting or voice messaging or just quickly checking my emails because I’m on my phone now, I may as well…

    I’ve been working really hard lately on challenging myself to think more positively. I’m trying to be grateful, and (not too) hopeful, and I’ve been focusing a lot on what I want to get out of life. I love my children dearly, of course, but I have been at home for eight years now, and I’m itching to get out there and do some things for myself. I want to write, and perform, and travel. I want a career. I want a life outside of the home. And while all these goals are attainable, they’re not the sorts of things I can achieve overnight. I have to chip away at them, bit by bit, by finding time to make them happen.

    I recently created a vision board, which has really helped me to figure out what is most important to me at this point in time. I know now what my main goals are, and I feel confident that I am going to reach them. I am sticking to my blogging and vlogging schedules (Tuesdays and Thursdays are for writing; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are for filming, editing, and uploading). I am working on my CV. I have not touched sugar for two whole months and am managing to exercise most days. But while I am squirreling away money for my first ever overseas holiday (Melbourne, here I come), it’s not building up anywhere near as quickly as I’d hoped it would. How am I meant to earn myself a bit of pocket money when I’m already so busy?


    A friend recently approached me with a work-from-home business opportunity. She thought I’d do really well as a direct salesperson and she wanted me to join her team. I told her I’d think about it, that I really needed to test the product out for myself first, but I’d already decided I was going to say no. Not because I didn’t want the challenge and excitement of trying something new, and not because I didn’t want to earn some extra cash to help bulk up my holiday fund, but because I’m forever telling myself that I’m too darn busy. I’ve been using the busy excuse for so long, that I’ve started thinking it’s true. There’s no way I have the time to take a few orders, is there?

    I tried out the nail wraps my friend sent me anyway, and was impressed. The nail polish I applied at the same time was chipped within days, but the wraps lasted for weeks. I liked the way they made me feel too – a little bit pretty and feminine, even on the days I was slogging around home in trackpants with my hair in a messy bun. So I enjoyed the product, felt like I would make quite a good saleswoman, and wanted a bit of money I could use selfishly for once… But I still didn’t have the time to go through with it. Right?

    I started thinking about some other friends of mine. Mothers who are raising children while simultaneously focusing on their careers. They’re almost always on the go, but they still have down time. They do things for themselves and they have fun. They are busy, but are they too busy? Is there any such thing? I’ve often said that there’s always time, you just have to make it. It’s only now that I’m actually starting to believe it.

    Yesterday I pushed past the fear and signed up as a Jamberry Nails Consultant (which, in the interests of authenticity, is just a fancy way of saying that I can supply you with some really fun, affordable nail polish alternatives). I don’t really know what I’ve gotten myself in for, but I feel like this whole venture is worth a shot. I think the product is awesome, and I can see myself wearing it every day for years to come. I also think that other women will think the product is awesome, which means all I need to do is make people aware that I’m a consultant and allow them to come to me, thus avoiding the title of Pushy Salesperson (which I must say goes against everything I stand for). I can make a little bit of time to fit Jamberry into my “busy” life, and I can use any earnings, whether big or small, to put towards making my dreams a reality. I want to leave New Zealand so I am making it happen. Being busy is no longer an excuse. If I just allow myself to find the time, I can build a life that works for me.

    – Fern xxx


    Okay, so here it is:
    I’ve become one of those direct sales people.

    But hey, before you run away, I’m promising you right now that I’m not here to push anything on you. I don’t want anyone to feel like they have to buy things off me just because we’re friends, or acquaintances, or you pity me and my lack of international travel.

    So, if you’re interested (and only if you’re interested) in finding out more about Jamberry, you can head to my Professional Jamberry Website (ooh) or my Jamberry Facebook Page (ahh) or you can just get in touch with me and I’ll send you a sample (with no pressure to buy if you decide it’s not for you). 

    I truly, honestly, think it’s a really cool product and (other than that trip to Australia) that’s the only reason I’m even attempting to sell it. Promise.

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  • Giveaways
  • GIVEAWAY: Win a Pamper Pack!

    I’ve always been the sort of person who enters competitions. Back when I was a first-time mum I subscribed to parenting magazines just so I could enter all the prize draws. I hardly ever bothered reading the articles; I just flipped straight to the giveaway section. I must be a lucky old ducky, as I actually managed to win quite a bit too (probably because the internet was becoming a Very Big Thing and a lot of the competitions had to be entered via snail mail). I won over $100 worth of toys one time, that was pretty cool, but the best prize was definitely the organic cotton moses basket I received just for taking a minute to send an email. I recently sold it for almost $100. What a win!

    Since becoming a vlogger, I’ve started running my own giveaways. This is a whole new level of excitement for me. I’m a big gift-giver, so putting together prizes to send out to people who watch my videos gives me a bit of a thrill. And, in honour of reaching (and now surpassing) 300 subscribers, I decided to run my biggest and best competition yet.

    So, who wants to win themselves a pamper pack?

    The prize has a retail value of well over $80 (probably closer to $100 actually, I’m just too lazy to math properly). It includes: 1 x Virgin Mojito Body Butter, 1 x Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet, and 1 x Strawberry Festive Cracker including strawberry hand cream & soap (these are all The Body Shop products), as well as 1 x Island Spice Soap, 2 x Perfectly Posh Bath Bombs (sample size), and 1 x By Nature Bee Venom Face Creme.

    It's not the best photo, but it's still a great prize.
    It’s not the best photo, but it’s still a great prize.

    Entering this competition is super easy! All you have to do is subscribe to my YouTube channel, and leave a comment on the 300 Subscribers Giveaway (the video is embedded below). That’s it. Simple right? Yeah, almost too simple. So…

    As a bonus, I’ve decided to give everyone a few chances to earn extra entries into the draw. For each of the following, I’ll give you one extra entry (i.e. one extra shot at winning)! You can pick and choose as few or as many as you’d like:
    1. Head over to my Facebook page, Like it, and post a comment on my wall.
    2. While you’re here on my blog, subscribe to my mailing list. Be sure to tell me in the comments section below that you’ve signed up, otherwise you might miss out on your extra entry.
    3. Share the giveaway video on the social media platform of your choice – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… You could even mention it in a YouTube video with a link in the description box. Just let me know via the comments section that you have done this.

    Right, what are you waiting for? Get yourself in the draw before it’s too late!

    – Fern xxx

    This competition is open from 2pm Sunday May 15 and will close at 2pm Sunday May 22 (NZ time). Winner will be announced Monday May 23. The winner will have until Friday May 27 to contact me with their address details. If no contact is made a new winner will be chosen. Competition is open to all subscribers, new and old. I accept no responsibility for late or lost entries, including missed extra entries due to confusion.